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Elton Smith here, and if you’ve landed on this page – it means that you are interested in learning more about – Adam Horwitz & Tim Donovan’s new product Local Mobile Monopoly.

Note: This website will be used as a Review. Click Here to Go to The Official Site

OK with that said, here’s what can you expect from this Local Mobile Monopoly Blog :

Basically, 3 main things :

1st…Updates on the Local Mobile Monopoly Prelaunch, as well as information on the creator Adam Horwitz & Tim Donovan.

2nd…My honest Local Mobile Monopoly Review and opinion on what the Tools and any accompanying training and literature will be like.

… and finally The Ultimate Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus, my bonus package has a real value of $1.497 and you absolutely don’t want to miss out on this deal that I will be offering!

The information you find on this site has only one purpose and that is to help you decide if the course is right for you and your business. So make sure you watch this space, it is a good idea to bookmark this website or even better subscribe to my RSS FEED so you can get instant updates from this blog.

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Local Mobile Monopoly – Choosing a Product Name and Domain Name

Before we can actually get started with creating our first Local Mobile Monopoly  product, we must choose a name for it. That may sound like a pretty obvious step, but it’s important to give this some thought and to get it right. The product name can make or break it – it can turn an average seller into a great seller and vice versa.

There are 2 aspects to this – selecting a good name, and then registering that as a domain name. Let’s first of all look at what makes a “good” name.

Local Mobile Monopoly – Choosing a good Product Name

Right away from the very first step we need to apply the Golden Rule of Local Mobile Monopoly – always keep the affiliate in mind. Although the name should be descriptive and relevant to what you are writing about, try and add an element of mystery, or intrigue. The name  alone WILL attract extra affiliates to give your product a closer look.

Suppose you’ve been active on Facebook, the social networking site, and you’ve figured  out the ins and outs of it, but more importantly you have worked out a method of making
money from it. That’s certainly something that would make an appealing product.

So consider these 2 potential names for your Local Mobile Monopoly  product:

How to make Money with Local Mobile Monopoly

Both are describing the same product, but I’m sure you’ll agree the second one has more of an aura of “mystery” about it. Suppose you saw those titles next to each other on a  web page, which one would you click on first? You know what the first title is about because it says “How to make Money with Local Mobile Monopoly”. The second one has you thinking “I wonder what that’s about”.

That’s what your title should do – arouse curiosity and make the reader want to find out more. Make it stand out from all the others out there. Remember your aim is to try and  attract the affiliates right at the very top – those making 7 figures a year from affiliate marketing. Forget the affiliates at the bottom – those who throw a party if they manage to  get $100 of sales in a week. They won’t make you wealthy.

There are many examples of good product names around, and not only in the internet  marketing niche. Indeed, you will find some of the best names outside of that niche,
particularly in the health niche and the dating niche.  One of the best selling information products of all time is an ebook aimed at guys trying to  get more dates with girls. The author could have called it “How to pick up girls”, “How to  get more dates” etc. But he didn’t. Had he done so I am sure his sales would have been  considerably less than they have been. His dating product is called “Double Your Dating”.

This is the web site:

Now that is a perfect example of a product name creating interest and mystery. “Double your dating? How does he manage that?” A good title makes people think at both the  conscious and the subconscious levels. Other sites with very effective names you may want to look at are  www.dayjobkiller.com  www.googlepayload.com

Have another browse through the various categories on Clickbank and look at the product  names. Even if your product is going to be in the Internet Marketing niche, you can still
pick up some very good ideas from products in unrelated niches. Don’t make the mistake  of assuming that the best marketers are all selling Internet Marketing products!

Registering your Local Mobile Monopoly – Domain Name

Having decided on a product name, the next step is to register the domain name for your web site. Obviously it should go without saying that your domain name ought to match
the name of your product!  If that name is already taken, then go back to the beginning and choose another name.  There are many places where you can register your domain. If you have done this before  and are comfortable with using a particular site then that’s fine. The site I recommend is  Hostgator.

This will redirect to a site called Registry Rocket which is a Hostgator owned business. The  advantage of doing this through Hostgator is that they are well known as a hosting  company. This means that buying a domain name through them is very easy, no need to worry about changing Name Servers etc.

Follow the onscreen instructions. See if the name you want is actually available. If so then simply fill out your details on the payment page.  A word of warning on the domain names. Only ever choose a domain with .com at the end. Don’t buy .co.uk or .org or .net etc. Remember, you want to be seen as a  professional product creator who is looking for fellow professional affiliate marketers to  market his or her product.

Never lose sight of that. A .com address will cost you a little more to register than the  alternatives, but NOT registering a .com address WILL cost you a fortune in lost affiliate
After you have bought your local mobile monopoly – domain name, Hostgator advise that it can take up to 48  hours for your site to be propagated (appear live on the web). In my experience it is much  quicker than that, generally less than 2 hours. However in the unlikely event that after 48  hours it is still not online, either send Hostgator an email or use their Live Chat facility.  They are regarded as one of the better companies out there.

Unless you already have web hosting that you are satisfied with, I would highly recommend Hostgator’s services for that too. They have 3 different packages, the one you  want is the basic hosting package at $4.95 per month.

Local Mobile Monopoly Review & Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus

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