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Adam and Tim have released the 1st 100% FREE Local Mobile Monopoly Video Training to help you get a jump on the Local Mobile Market. You can view this video by click play button below.

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Mobile Marketing is HUGE and Text Message Marketing is the BIGGEST opportunity within Mobile Marketing. There is one problem with trying to do affiliate Marketing on mobile phones right now… More and more savvy marketers are jumping into it thus making it much more difficult for you to succeed with it.

Shortly after the Mobile Monopoly launch,Adam & Tim went back to the drawing board to figure out an EVEN easier and bigger way for you to tap into this soon to be Trillion Dollar business. Then they started researching into text message Marketing and found some eye opening stats…

By 2012, an estimated 10 Trillion text messages will be send and delivered globally! -Over 250 Million Americans carry mobile phones,and that’s just in the US!  Customers spent  on mobile devices is rising faster then the time spent on any other form of media! (More then the Internet!)

Text messaging alone gets 7-152 mes the response rate of an email and has an astounding 97% open rate! And here is where it gets good…LESS  THEN 1% OF BUSINESSES HAVE EVEN TAPPED INTO THIS NEXT BIG TREND!

That means you are already ahead of 99% businesses just by reading this! So did Adam and Tim do next? Well they started approaching local businesses in Los Angeles and couldn’t believe how excited these businesses were so that Adam & Tim could  do their mobile marketing for them!

As the amount of clients piled up Adam & Tim thought to themselves that there had to be an easier way to get even more clients. And a few months of testing and tweaking they stumbled upon a method of doing mobile marketing for local businesses WITHOUT EVER LEAVING THEIR HOUSE!

Now don’t get me wrong…Approaching a local business face to face is the #1 way to obtain their business Adam says, but what they realized was that not everyone  was comfortable with this. So over the next 10 days Adam & Tim are going to teach you about how to get hundreds of local business clients in a VERY short time. 🙂

All  their asking you to do is watch Video 1 then help them spread the word about this free training that is going to take place. If you help Adam & Tim to bring enough new people into this free training between now and Tuesday, March 15th, They will give you access to their secret software tool, that they have spent hours upon hours and enough money to keep them  awake at night on having developed, that literally finds the local businesses  who need mobile marketing for you with a click of a few buttons!

You are going to love this… So help Adam & Tim spread the word about the free training ( i know I will) and they will hook you up with this secret software at Noon ESt on March 15…

This sounds super Fair to me.

So go enjoy the free video the guys made for you then help they spread the word and hopefully they will be revealing their secret tool to you on Tuesday!

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