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UPDATE: Adam and Tim have just released their 2nd pre-launch video where they reveal how you can create your Million Dollar Rolodex using their custom tool that they are giving to you 100% FREE! By the time you are done watching this video you could have a huge list of potential paying clients[DDET .]

Top Local Mobile Monopoly  Affiliates only promote Top Products

I want to conclude this chapter with the above thought. Hopefully you have got the message by now – you are not aiming at the affiliates who only get 2 or 3 sales a month. If you can find a few hundred of those, sure you’ll take that but that is not our target market. Your product must appeal to the absolute best affiliate marketers; it must positively ooze quality.
High quality graphics are a vital ingredient to a high quality product. If you ignore this  advice, and try to cut corners I can guarantee you what will happen next – your product
launch will flop.

Create your Local Mobile Monopoly Product

Now we’re getting down to the really interesting stuff; it’s time to make a start on creating your product. If you have never done this before it can sound quite overwhelming to  contemplate writing an ebook. However, it is not as difficult to do as it may seem, even if you are not a naturally gifted writer. ‘How to write an ebook’ is quite a large subject in itself and beyond the scope of this course. The key things are to have a good idea of what you want to write about (d’oh :-)) and to be able to break that down into separate chapters that follow on from each other.



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Hey folks, Elton here with a quick update about Local Mobile Monopoly:

1st… I have managed to get early access to the program and I’m writing an in-depth review as we speak, I’m going to post my unbiased review on this page —>Local Mobile Monopoly Review

2nd… My MEGA $1.497 Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus is almost ready and it will be published on the next couple of days on this page —>Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus

3rd… It will be really stupid if you don’t take advantage of my $1.497 Bonus Pack. I’m pretty sure that  there are going to be lots of Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus packages out there, I personally checked a few to see what other people were offering and I was totally shocked at what I sow… most of this bonuses really sucked.

What you need in a bonus pack is something that will compliment the original product with out actually distracting you. Most Local Mobile Monopoly Bonuses that I have seen are just a bunch of cheap PLR products slapped with a $4.000 value. This products wont do you any good except waste your precious time.

I don’t have to convenience anyone to get my Bonus Pack because my offer speaks for itself, just follow the link above and you’ll see what I actually mean.

[DDET .]

Another more recent product that is a great example of being aimed at top affiliates is Local Mobile Monopoly.

We’ll be looking at that site in greater detail on the next page. However, for now I just want you to take a look at this testimonial from Mobile Monopoly: OK, apart from the misused apostrophe in the headline (top tip – always check your spelling and grammar if you want to look professional!), note the audio controls just  underneath. This is a good example of an audio testimonial; naturally that adds to your own credibility, and to that of the product endorsement. I would thoroughly recommend  that you go a step further and also make sure that some of your testimonials are in video  format.

So you get the picture – use honest testimonials in text, audio and video format to build your credibility, both with the end user AND affiliates. If possible, get testimonials from  your affiliates. Doing this will increase both your credibility, and that of the affiliate. After  all if you are sending out an email recommending a particular product, and your  testimonial is on the sales page then that ties you in with that product. Result – an awful  lot more sales.

There is actually another reason I chose the Mobile Monopolyl product for demonstration purposes. Remember in the previous chapter I wrote about how important
it is to choose a good product name? How you should select one that sounds a little  intriguing and mysterious? This product is actually an extremely good example of that,  plus there is also something else I want to mention.

If you have been around internet marketing for a while, you will probably be aware of a product by top marketer Frank Kern, called Mass Control. This is a very well-known high
ticket product (I forget the price when it was last released, but I’m pretty sure it was in  excess of $1,000).  Now, it may be pure coincidence but it strikes me that the name Mass Article Control is a very clever word play association with Mass Control. Sure, the majority of end users  probably wouldn’t have been aware of that. However, you can be sure that the very top  affiliates certainly were. Mass Article Control is one of the best contemporary examples you will find of a “Local Mobile Monopoly type product” – made for affiliates.

Very smart marketing by the guys behind it – oh and the last I heard it made them close to seven figures! As already mentioned, we will be looking at this product in a lot more  detail in the next chapter, but this is a very good one to analyse if you want to see a top  quality “Mobile Monopoly type product”. Study it and learn from it. Can you also come up with a play on words on a top Clickbank product?



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